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I’m interested in natural shapes and light. At the moment my view of the landscape is a more personal and intimate one. I’m experiencing the landscape from a close view and observing the way it changes from day to day, month to month. My interest is not just piqued by the beautiful but also the wilted, dead, or weedy vegetation. Everything contributes to the positive feelings we experience in nature—the beautiful as well as the not so beautiful.

I’m also interested in portraying nature in a way that is closer to how I experience it, rather than the way my

camera photographs it. I use photography as reference for parts but not for the entire painting.

I usually work in watercolor or oil. I find that these mediums, although traditional, still have value and continue to be durable. I also like working in these mediums for their texture and flexibility. As someone who has worked on digital devices for many years, I appreciate the ability to detach from them and create something that comes directly from my own hand using the simplest of tools.

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